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A digital game to enhance attention

Eye-Riders provides individualized rehabilitation pathways that train the ability to maintain attention, improve the ability to divert from what is distracting, and focus on what is relevant. Our personalized attentional training is designed to achieve specific, measurable, and shared goals. Why attention? Because we know that attentional skills are involved in every cognitive process, from the simplest to the most complex, and it is very important in fostering learning.

Technical specifications.

CPU: i7, 11th generation
GPU: GTX1660
RAM: 16gb
Disk storage: 1.6GB
System: Windows, MacOs, Linux
Browser Web: Chrome 98, Firefox 102
Input devices: Mouse, Keyboard


A personalized path

How does Eye-Riders make a personalized training path? By means of a machine learning algorithm that we are validating. This algorithm is nothing more than a data analysis mechanism that allows the game to choose what is the best path starting from the individual responses of the person who is playing and the evaluation of his or her characteristics. In this way it is not the person who has to adapt to the rehabilitation path but it is the game itself that gradually adapts the rehabilitation path to each individual person.