Proffilo is a game developed specifically for educational purposes to better understand children’s cognitive profiles.


Revolutionize your child's learning experience

Proffilo is an online application that can help your child unleash their full potential. With just 30 minutes of playtime, Proffilo uses innovative technology to identify your child’s unique learning style, recognize cases of Specific Learning Disorders, and suggest the best teaching strategies to enhance their cognitive abilities. Whether you’re a psychologist, a parent or a teacher, Proffilo is an essential tool for personalized and effective instruction. Try Proffilo today and discover the power of personalized learning.

Technical specifications

CPU: i7, 11th generation
GPU: GTX1660
RAM: 16gb
Disk storage: 1.6GB
System: Windows, MacOs, Linux
Browser Web: Chrome 98, Firefox 102
Input devices: Mouse, Keyboard

Designed by experts

Combined with specialized training and counseling

Proffilo’s effectiveness is based on a theoretical model scientifically validated by researchers at the Department of Psychology, University of Bologna. Proffilo can be purchased together with a specialized training and consulting course for teachers, which allows them to improve the writing of individualized intervention plans and provides the tools to evaluate their effectiveness.