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A promising approach for individuals with learning disorders

All applied games proposed by Develop-Players are founded on three characterizing elements: a scientific model based on years of research, the personalization of the intervention thanks to the detailed analysis of the cognitive profile of each user, and the possibility of the use of the game independently. In fact, the use of advanced machine learning algorithms allows our games to adapt the difficulty of the game level to the user’s abilities, thus enabling a gradual and effective growth path that would otherwise be impossible. All Develop-Players video games are based on validated scientific research and must pass numerous tests in order to ensure maximum effectiveness and reliability.


Unleash your learning potential!

We developed our first digital game, Proffilo, designed particularly for individuals with Special Educational Needs or Specific Learning Disorders. The game is intended for use in schools, as well as by parents and psychologists. The goal of Proffilo is to promote a classroom and learning environment that is inclusive and caters to diverse learning styles. By engaging with Proffilo, users gain insights into their strengths and areas for improvement, which can be used to create tailored learning plans and activities. The game is based on scientific research and has been rigorously tested for effectiveness and reliability.


Improve your attention!

To help children with learning difficulties we developed Eye-Riders, a digital game to train the ability to maintain attention and improve the ability not to be distracted by external conditions. Learning to manage one’s concentration is indeed crucial both in school and in everyday life.