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Immersive play experience
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Unique for
each person

Digital video games with educational purposes to improve the learning potential and enhance one’s potential.

Validated though scientific research

The effectiveness of the enhancement is assured by research conducted in collaboration with the University of Bologna and IRCSS Children’s Hospital Bambino Gesù.

for real

Our games significantly reduce training fatigue and increase the motivation to improve.

But can video games
really help?

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Children with SLDs who have improved their attentional performance thanks to Eye-Riders*


Students who have already played Proffilo and are now more aware of their own means


Teachers and parents from 7 regions of Italy who took a training session with experts from Develop-Players

*Mazzoni et al. (2023). Eye-Riders: an applied game for executive function enhancement." Speech Therapy and Communication vol.19 no.2

Unlock learning potential

Develop-Players’ games are based on a scientific model and years of research, which allows customizing the learning path based on each user’s cognitive profile, and adapting the difficulty of the game level to the user’s abilities through the use of advanced machine learning algorithms.

"Francesco has regained confidence in the school."


When we met Francesco and his family, he was 12 years old and in the second grade of Secondary School. Ever since he was in primary school he had had some difficulties in school, but due to his tenacity the difficulties were always masked by his good general cognitive skills. His mother also...

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